{FH}Whitehawk Sasami Feb 16, 2013 @ 8:05pm
Skill Tree Request/Modification [Workshop]
heres my problem,i added certain polearms such as halberds and spears into the game, however, i am not sure if 2 handed (Halberd,Some Spears and other various weapons such as fighting staves) counts under a class when being used (IE The Staff should ignore armor as a Bludgeoning Weapon,dunno if it does or not for use purposes, stressing that.) i would like to see a different branch for polearms entirely. IE Halberd could both deal crit chances being part slash,and ignore armor at the same time (Piercing part),the spears should be light,quick to use and of course, ignore some armor as a pierce, Volgues,double bladed swords and Crecent blades although not polearms are a thought too,a volgue would cause bleeding,possibility for 360 attacks. but with semi slow speed and high fatiguge cost.. the double blade would iniate apinning and rear attacks, however would be weak frontally,last the crecent blade, quick, sweeps targets,spin attacks, however lowest damage of all,just some ideas,want to see a seperate polearms tree besides 2 handed more or less
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