Jan-K. Feb 14, 2013 @ 7:03pm
Modding Skyrim
I'm curious to hear from people familiar with the Creation Kit about just how much you can change, add, or remove from the game in terms of gameplay elements. If I want to, say, rip the guts out of the current magic system and replace it with something of my own making, or create a more nuanced social skills system for the game, will I be able to do that with the Creation Kit?

Basically what I'm asking is; if I so wanted, could I make an entirely new game using the Skyrim Creation Kit? I have made a few games with Inform 7 and RPGmaker, but I've been disappointed by the limitations of these engines. And I would like to know if SCK is the home I've been looking for.

Thank you.
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J3X Feb 15, 2013 @ 1:49am 
That depends on how you want to impliment the things; removing all vanilla spells and adding other ones, very possible. Replacing the magic system with WII motion controlled wand swooshing, maybe with SKSE. A new social skill would probably include a lot of new dialogue, but it should be possible.

You have no control over the game engine itself, you can however achive most things via dirty workarounds. If you want a game that plays like Skyrim; same combat system, etc, but other game world then it's possible.

If one wants to create own games then the best thing is always to learn how to code, I'm sure it exists a lot of starting tutorials on the Internet for that.
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