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Promega X KAT Feb 7, 2013 @ 11:47am
What graghics card would highly be recommend for Skyrim?
Also a link for more info would be nice too. Or images.

Thanks! :D
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For nvidia, aim for a GTX class card.

AMD, I don't know.
Gropax Feb 7, 2013 @ 11:52am 
any 2gb video card will do if you want alot of texture mods. i like the 6850 or 7850 2gb card since its great performace 60fps on ultra settings and is less then $200.
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FurryGuyJeans Feb 7, 2013 @ 12:02pm 
Skyrim works best when you consider that having a very substantial CPU has as much an effect on performance as a good video card.
Stoob Feb 7, 2013 @ 12:30pm 
I use an NVidia GTX 560 1G with an i7 processor and it runs fine for me. They're probably quite cheap by now. Obviously, if you can afford it, go for a more recent model.
gerald_baker42 Feb 7, 2013 @ 2:53pm 
im using a gtx 550 2 gig card, I would recommend a gtx 560 if you can afford one but try to get a card with 2 gig memory
Promega X KAT Feb 7, 2013 @ 3:09pm 
Originally posted by ThorOfWar:
I didn't like ATI, when I bought this computer, it came with one, and ATI is behind Nvidia in development by a long shot. I would say get a 400 to 900 series Geforce GTX video card. Have $200 to $1,000 ready depending on the series. I don't see much difference in the 400 to 900 besides a lot higher cost when you compare their performance. Now, the best set ups are either a 2 to 4 video card SLI system. You need to match your motherboard, ram, power supply, and video card together. Then if you have a UPS, you need to match that up as well. You need enough Wattage to run it. AMD ATI has a Crossfire system similar to the SLI, however, that came 1 to 2 years after Nvidia already had theirs out. Then if you get into the Game development and software on their page, their stuff was way behind Nvidia's. That is changing, but I am talking about 2 years ago. You can run two Nvidia cards for rendering and use one for two monitors...if you were into making animations and video games. It isn't as speedy as a server's rendering system with special $3000 to $6000 dollar renderers, but it would suffice.

Here is the link to the video cards for Nvidia Geforce. You look through it.

Here is a good power supply link:

And here is a link to the best monitors I have seen so far for video games, I don't have these, but wish I would have bought them instead of what I have:

Here is a link to AMD ATI for you to compare:

I also recommend making sure you have all the stuff needed for Stereographic rendering and OpenGL drivers plus the DirectX stuff...that will make you more able to adapt the card to various software if you get into modding or anything.

Your advice was so helpful.

Thank you so much dude! :D
OMEGAlomaniac Feb 7, 2013 @ 3:39pm 
You don't need to go overboard on something like a 580/680 or anything, my factory oc'd GTX 460 runs it very well.
I was going to say the GTX 480 its the best card on the market right now and its $200 only thing is they just discontinued it so it might be hard to find but if you can get one from ebay buy it. I have every setting on the highest possible setting even anti aliasing and about 30 mods to improve graphics even more and i dont even have a hiccup. stay away from the GTX 500 series they cost more and they suck compared to it, the only thing you need tho is a power supply over 600 watts to be safe. Lastly you need to specify your motherboard and specs cause you might not be able to even use EVGA cards.
Promega X KAT Feb 7, 2013 @ 3:54pm 
Originally posted by ThorOfWar:
I know you are computer savvy, but I don't know what you know, however though, I am planning to stay on Windows 7 64bit until a new Operating System is released, I don't like Windows 8 much. My point in this is, I tried Stardock's WindowBlinds and their SkinEditor because I wanted to be able to make a glass Aero Theme Skin for all my Windows. Then through Steam I found a program called Actual Multiple Monitors, it adds features to Window Placement and a Taskbar on the extra monitors. I bought them in Dec. and I have just scrapped them after months of talking to the development groups. AMM tried to help, but they did not get it up and running good. And now, I would have to do a re-format to get my system to stop having Blurry Fonts on Monitor 1. I have to restart my system by shutting it down now every time, because if I just restart, there is a chance I will get a slightly blurring font on screen one using AMM. I also tried DisplayFusion and had the same problem. Now, AMM said that they have users that have had problems with Stardock products, so I told them my issues, asked them if they would work with AMM to make their programs work better together, and Stardock flatout said, uninstall AMM we will not fix the issue, and we just made it work with Windows 8. So, well, after resource issues, performance issues, stuff fighting for control over Aero in Windows 7 64 bit, etc. I just scrapped the programs and uninstalled them after spending about $100 on their products. So, you won't have a Taskbar on Monitor 2 with the Geforce Drivers, and Windows to my knowledge has no way to do that either. And for something like Bamboo Dock or Bing Dock, you won't have anything to tell you their placement coordinates. What I am saying is, stick with the basics with Windows, most of those embellishments only mess things up.

You have a good point there sir!
Shadow Feb 7, 2013 @ 4:09pm 
I have an older quad core AMD 965 3.4 ghz and the ATI 6950 2 GB card. Game runs on ultra for me and looks great. No problems to speak of short of what everyone else experiences here and there. According to Bethesda even the highest end systems crash with this game at times.
You're absolutely right ThorofWar with the VRam and cuda cores but my point was that my GTX 480 cost $200 and it has 1.5 GB of DDR5. Almost all of the 500 series cards have less VRam and cost more. while the 500's that do have 2gb of VRam cost 200$ more than the 480.
Dunjeon Feb 7, 2013 @ 4:18pm 
I use an ATI card (they're great) the 5770 1gb. I get 60fps on Ultra. But , as has been pointed out, the CPU for skyrim is just as important, if not more so, than the GPU. It is well documented that Skyrim is a CPU heavy game. I have an AMD 8350 8-core at 4ghz with 16gb of ram.
crapmonster Feb 7, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
Don't listen to ThorOfWar, AMD cards are absolutely fine. I've actually preferred them in recent history for better pricing and most likely will do so again for my next upgrade once the 8000 series rolls around.

I would also not even give a thought to SLI/Crossfire as both have issues and will always be a worse option then getting a better powerful single card.

As for an actual recommendation, it depends on what you have currently and how much youre willing to pay. I would be hesitant to recommend anyone purchasing a new card now since both ATi/Nvidia are expected to roll out their next series of cards by the end of the year, at which time should drive prices down.

So that said, if you have something that is still working, I would stick it out. If that isn't an option I suggest taking a look at this:,3107.html

I've personally ran it off a system with a HD4850 and currently a 6870. Both with no issues.

Gropax Feb 7, 2013 @ 4:25pm 
unless you are buying a Nvidia 690 card ati cards are faster and cost less, if you don't care about hardware Physix get the ATI and since the total number of games using Physix can be counted on one hand maybe 2 now after 6 years its kinda dead.
High end Nvidea card of course, but mid-ranfe like gtx 649, 650 or 660 is good enougn. The problem with the high-end is the heat generated by the graphic cards. Heat causes faster wear and tear. So I am using GTX 660 ti. The heat is not that bad.
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