Smokingman25 Jan 23, 2013 @ 8:39pm
Maybe you guys can help me. I use the "Dual Sheath plus Shield on Back" by DarkPhoenix from Nexus with the option file "Weapons on Back", so all my One Handed (1H) swords are on my back. But the scabbards for most 1H weapons by default have a huge ugly belt loop hanging off it. Having my 1H sword on my back with the belt loops sticking out in mid air holding nothing is considerably annoying and not realistic. Mostly with the Silver Sword, and Dawnbreaker I have noticed it with. But anyway, I attempted to swap the Silver Swords (1H) scabbard with the Silver Greatswords (2H) scabbard...

I loaded both silversword.nif and silvergreatsword.nif with NifSkope.
I copied the branch "NiTriShape SCB (12)" from silvergreatsword.nif
I deleted the branch "NiTriShape SCB (9) from silversword.nif
I pasted the branch "NiTriShape SCB (12) from silvergreatsword.nif, to silversword.nif.
I changed the value to SCB (9)
I changed the position and size (Translation: Y-0.0000 X-5.0000 Z-0.0000, Scale: 0.7000)
I clicked Transform > Apply.
I clicked save.
I opened Skyrim and still only the One Hand Scabbard shows up.

I did nothing more or less than that. What am I doing wrong? Any assistance you guys could provide would be very appreciated.
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Calendyn Feb 12, 2013 @ 9:30am 
I don't know a lot about modding, but couldn't you rotate the 1-handed sheath 180 degrees so that the belt loop appears to be at your shoulder? Not a perfect fix, but maybe you could instead replace the textures for the belt loop with something that doesn't render?
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