blckruc47 13 jan 2013 om 5:02nm
Who is "The Friend" who sends letters?
Does any one know who the Friend is who sends letters to you to find Word Walls? I was just curious.
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kx_tq 13 jan 2013 om 5:05nm 
I think it is a developer trick to get around having to have anyone in particular send it, or have anyone particular even see you use your shouts in town
Leianne 13 jan 2013 om 5:19nm 
Personally I think it's whats-her-face - the one in the Blades that wants the DragonBorn to increase his/her skill with shouting <grin>
jjb-54 13 jan 2013 om 5:20nm 
Basic answer - Motivation to go seek WORD POWERS .... I don't think there is a specific answer.

Personally I choose to think it was Psijic Monk - encouraging you to move forward. But that is what I choose to have the person be.... :)
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Westlandresider 13 jan 2013 om 5:37nm 
It can't be delphine because you get a letter after you defeat the dragon at the western watch tower, while you are making your way back up to dragons reach. Which at that point of the game you haven't met her yet. The only major characters in the game that I have met so far are either my imperial or stormcloak buddy that helps me leave Helgen, the guy I get the golden claw for, Jarl of Whiterun, some of the companions, Ulfric, General Tulius and legat and Alduin. Its possible that Paathunaux observed me shout at the western watch tower. So i am narrowing my choices to either Alduin or Paathunaux.
Shadeoffax 13 jan 2013 om 5:48nm 
I think it's just random nords who still believe in the legend in their hearts, who happen to know about the word walls because of their visiting of their familys burial grounds.

One of my friends came up with the theory that it's one of the Daedric Princes, most likely Sheogorath, who enjoys watching you shout or something to that effect.
jjb-54 13 jan 2013 om 5:48nm 
Well I could see Paarthurnax, maybe ..... Alduin, no - He would not be a friend to Dragonborn, because of Aludin's history w/man. But Paasrthurnax could speak to the Greybeards to send these.... He would likely be aware.
giant fucking whore 13 jan 2013 om 5:48nm 
Well, I personally don't think the dragons have the ability to write in tiny letters with humungous claws.
I, moia, think that the letters come from the Greybeards, but as Mr. HIGHLIGHT SIMPLE WORDS said, there's not really a specific answer.
Westlandresider 13 jan 2013 om 5:50nm 
Maybe Paathunaux has VOIP?
blckruc47 13 jan 2013 om 5:55nm 
At first I thought it was Delphine, but now it makes better sense to be Paarthunaux. Interesting. I thought they would reveal who it was during the game, but they didn't. Thanks for replying.
Westlandresider 13 jan 2013 om 6:02nm 
I understand your point about Alduin and his hatred for man, but the only time I seen him attack a village was in Helgen while the imperials were trying cut off my head. Which was great timing on his part because my head would have been gone...So technically he saved my life..
Sg4rr0|Gaming 13 jan 2013 om 7:09nm 
The friend who sends you the letters, is Argneir, because if you remember after the ceremony at Horotgar, you can ask Argneir if he found something for you and he'll tell you, I feel some power in this place ecc... So also before he sent you other letters telling, you've show your power shout in a place ecc. He is who send you the letters to guide you to find shouts words, because he is the Dragon Born guide/master.
Ralen-Sharr 13 jan 2013 om 7:44nm 
Has to be Daedra Princes. I got a letter for using shouts in Sheogorath's realm. (Mind of Madness I think it was called) Only 2 people there were Sheogorath and me.
Either that or Miaq the Liar... but I think he's a Daedra/Aedra anyway.
blckruc47 13 jan 2013 om 7:53nm 
Okay Argneir is the Friend. I can buy that but he never says that whenever you talk to him later in the game.
BoPacker 13 jan 2013 om 7:57nm 
The friend is someone in a town that observed your shout, wants to help the dragonborn, but wishes to remain anonymous. I say this, because every time you shout in a different town for the first time (in that town), you get one of the letters.
Aquila 13 jan 2013 om 8:16nm 
Maybe its your follower? If that's the case, then they must really care about( and are also hiding things from) us
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