stormpaw52.7 2013年1月11日 18時50分
Bleak Falls Barrows-Door combination
im on my way to get the golden claw and the dragon tablet, but i keep getting stuck in the room with the spinning pilars and the big grate over the door. i have tried EVERYITHING to open the gate, and i know it has to do with the pilars. does anyone know the combination? i'm honestly just sick of running around in circles...i really just want to get on with the game :)
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Pieni Mursu 2013年1月11日 19時03分 
Snake - Snake - Whale
But seriously, it isn't that hard. The solution is right there in the room.
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Pieni Mursu 2013年1月11日 19時18分 
Arcamean の投稿を引用:
Inspect the claw and you'll see the symbols for each door written on the claw. It stumped me too until I learned that tidbit.
He's talking about the puzzle before that. The one with the arrow trap.
Jogon 2013年1月11日 19時45分 
The answer to the pillars is in the room. Stand back and look above the door and the broken one on the ground. In nearly all of the puzzles to do with snake, whale, eagle, bear there are clues.
oriphur 2013年1月11日 20時40分 
your lack of puzzlesolving solving amazes me to the point that i feel bad to what the human genome has come to
neilbert1 2013年1月11日 20時53分 
The solution is in the room - up above there is a snake, than an empty spot, then a whale. Below the empty spot there is a snake symbol that had fallen from above. So the answer is snake, snake, whale. Don't worry, this one stumped me for a bit as well, but I didn't have much trouble with this type of puzzle after I figured it out. By the way, if you have trouble with the circular door later, just look at the claw - the answers there. Good luck!
Nu.Eta 2013年1月11日 21時34分 
if your having trouble with this one, here's a clue on another one that is harder.

make sure to keep the book Of Fjori and Holgeir with you
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stormpaw52.7 2013年1月12日 12時07分 
oriphur- so what if i had some trouble with this? i just started playing, and i'm getting used to the game. no need to be rude. i'm usually good at puzzle solving, but once in a while i'll get stumed. i tried lining it up to what was on the other statues, and it didn't work. maybe it was just glitch.

neilber1- thank you!
sendmorecoffee 2013年7月12日 22時53分 
I am having the same problem. I can get the pillars to spin so the solution is correct but the gate will not open. i have gone back out, then in. I have saved and returned. I reinstall ed the game. I started over from a much earlier point so I am doing the claw quest before I get the one from the Jarl. I have tried everything I know how to do but the gate still will not open. How do I fix or get past the glitch? I have no mods or anything on my game.
Trigger 2013年7月13日 0時16分 
snake snake whale and in the middle of the room there is a lever on the floor pull it backwards
Earl of Fistfuckingham 2013年7月13日 2時04分 
turn every symbol twice, simple as that. top twice middle twice, bottom twice. and also you look at the back of the claw in your inventory.
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