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ladywolfblack May 19, 2013 @ 1:15pm
MODDERS!!!! 1st post ever - Maven Blackbriar mod request
No Idea if possible.
However here is my idea.
Why? Because I loath her beyond any other character in game.
So. Assuming one has finished all the quests to which she is in any way related... The dragonborn is who is up for grabs. Could be one of the halfway decent divines, could be one of the worst. Or Parrth if not dead. Maybe just an old guy who finds the dragonborn. (whatever) The point is he/they/it tells you something terrible about Maven Blackbriar. ( No surprize there) and gives you a mission. You cosy up and do two small favors for her. She becomes a follower...Ultimately the one person over whom you feel no regreat at all about fulfilling Boethia quest.

Just an idea for end game players.
There are no words to describe how much I loath this character as do many others.
Sorry if this post is in wrong place.

I know all the tricks and pc commands to kill her, make her non-essential and so on. What I am seeking is a way to tell her who you are at that point. Tell her what dragonboarn thinks of her. So sick of just hearing trash talk aimed at dragonborn from all npc's. Particularly if you have tried hard to play a decent toon in the basicly amoral world that is so much of slyrim.

Better than Boethia - is summon dragon and ask him to eat her. Now that would be sweet!

Just a wish thrown out there to you modders.

Thank you for your kind attention.


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Alliecienti May 19, 2013 @ 1:34pm 
I can relate. There are several NPCs that normally you can't kill but so desperately need to be humbled and then done away with.

That snob Nazeem in Whiterun..."Do you get to the cloud distric very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don't." You know the guy. I kill him every time. Once he was saying that to me as I entered Breezhome and he followed me inside. I pummeled him to death with my fists without the Fists of Steel perk or any unarmed bonuses. It was so satisfying.

There many who are far worse than Nazeem who would much more enjoyable to be able to do that to. As for Maven....I had fun whacking the crap outta her while in sneak mode so she never knew who was attacking her. Knock her down...wait and let her get up again, then repaet. Nealy painted the entire foyer of the meadery with her blood spashes.
ladywolfblack May 19, 2013 @ 2:02pm 
Roflmao, I have to try that one.!!!! ... but still, yeah, she needs to die.
Ty for responce :)
Chaana May 19, 2013 @ 5:48pm 
Imagine Maven trying to contact the Dark Brotherhood to sic them after you, The Listener pops up and you give her a surprise..
ladywolfblack May 20, 2013 @ 6:54pm 
Ouuuwwweee that's a nice thought!!! Like it! :)
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