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∴π+△=SsummaLlamma™©°℠ 2013年5月11日 23時34分
Skyrim crashing when leaving breezehome
Whenever I leave breezehome it starts loading normaly but it crashes after loading a bit. I've tried loading other saves but any in the open world crash aswell. I've tried uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it but still i get the same results. What should I do?
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Roscaria 2013年5月13日 2時02分 
This could be anything from a bad load order, conflicting mods or mods that require DLC or file/s you do not have. More information is needed for people to help you.
∴π+△=SsummaLlamma™©°℠ 2013年5月13日 2時07分 
I dont have any mods installed or any DLC's and im confident its not a load oreder

Roscaria 2013年5月13日 2時23分 
Have you verified your cache?
∴π+△=SsummaLlamma™©°℠ 2013年5月13日 2時29分 
Don't know how to
Roscaria 2013年5月13日 2時39分 
Go into Steam Library. Right click on Skyrim. Go to Properties then into Local Files. Verify integrity of game cache. Will probably state I file failed to validate and will be reacquired. Should see file load showing bottom of monitor. Exit and restart game.
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∴π+△=SsummaLlamma™©°℠ 2013年5月13日 2時51分 
I cached but now it crashes even faster
Suppenhuhn 2013年5月13日 3時10分 
I have the same problem.
No DLCs no mods installed
Ron-Damon (Chaotive) 2013年6月6日 21時46分 
exact same problem here.... please help!!! cannot play the game anymore! :(
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