The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
What is your favorite Skyrim "class" to play?
What's your favorite build/class and why?

So currently, I'm playing a "pure" mage and really enjoying it. I have no armor, but the Mage Armor perk in Alteration. I use enchanted staffs for extra damage and robes to boost Magicka regeneration and either Destruction or Restoration spell cost reduction. As you can tell, I'm putting most of my perks into Destruction, Restoration, and Alteration. The rest goes into Alchemy, Speech, and/or Lockpicking. Not a perfect build, but I like it.
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So no matter what I start as I always end up with a skirmisher (light armor, one handed weapon and Bows. Probably poison, illusion and alteration as well. Will most likely be a Khajiit)

Except for that one time I made my (Argonian) Werewolf character, then I managed to stay on the heavy armor/2 handed axe path.
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Favorite Skyrim class to create in my opinion is a Wood Elf.
They have expertise in bows, and make good thieves.
So I'd make a wood elf with a bow, and two daggers.
Max out sneak.
In Oblivion, I liked spellsword. Oblivion was a little different though because you could have a sword and shield and still cast spells. In Skyrim, I like to create a "god character." Early on, I have more success with magic, but since magic is limited in damage unless you add a cheater mod, I later shift to a dual wielding one handed, kill all but reverent and legendary dragons in one power hit mode. Once I get to that point, I lvl all other skills to 100 and revert to my swords when I'm in trouble. I also carry three sets of enchanted swords with fire, ice and lightning enchantments and a set of heavy armor for melee battles and a set of armor for long-range magic battles. That char is ready for every situation. It's sort of a completionist approach.
I try to play differently with each character that I create, but my favourite character so far was my female Argonian warrior with sword and shield - I just loved shield bashing my enemies.

My current character is a pure mage with a lot of destruction magic, she is about level 30 now. I think I may go back to the sword and board combination with my next character.
im always a kajiit and i use stealth mostly i use a dadric dagger nightngale armor and the dagon you get from the brotherhood
Favorite would be Khajiit ranger type. Bows are just so much fun.
I don't care how overpowered they are :)
First one and most successful I've made was a Nord with heavy armor and a sword-and-shield preference. I've also got a Nord with heavy armor and two-handed, a Dunmer archer with light armor and skill in conjuration (That bound bow really helps), and a pure-mage Breton with, again, light armor. So far, the sword+shield Nord was my favorite.
Archer: As an archer you only need one Perk Tree: Archery.
Maybe some restoration and sneak but not as seriously as archery.
Warrior classes need to pay attention to more than one perk trees.
Somehow I end up putting perks in everything and becomeing the Fable type uber hero... still trying to find that special addition Jack of Blades voice modulator.
I like several different styles of play: 1) Orc (with Heavy Armor), or Nord (with Light Armor) Shield and One-Handed Weapon; 2) Orc or Nord Heavy Armor and Two-Handed weapon; 3) Dark Elf Stealth, One-Handed Weapon, Illusion, and Destruction; 4) Wood Elf Archery, Stealth, and Illusion; and 5) Breton or High Elf (and occasionally Nord, just to be different) Destruction, Conjuration, and Alteration.

I tend to waffle between these 5 types - storywise, I prefer a pure mage (though sometimes with skill in One-handed as well) because the College of Winterhome is by far my favorite "guild". Playwise, I usually prefer subtle Sneaky types that also use Illusion magic and either archery, or daggers and spells. However, occasionally I just want a character who can get in someone's face and tear them a new one by either just blocking everything they can dish out and then returning the favor, or just smashing their skulls with the biggest warhammer I can find (plus, the Companions aren't all that bad - I'm sort of ho-hum on the whole werewolf thing, though). Thus the 5 styles of play.
They should make a brawler perk(unarmed) and also in addition to punching they should allow the characters to kick, grapple, slam,..etc.
stealthy assassin. For some reason I just love hiding in the shadows, picking people off one by one.... I'm a bad person
Westlander - I agree. I wish I could play a monk-type character (a khajiit monk would be really cool), and actually be able to have it be a successful character who could actually advance in skill as a unarmed combatant (rather then a quick casualty!) I've read that in some of the earlier games, a monk was a selectable class (some of the earlier games had classes), and unarmed combat was an actual skill. None in Skyrim, though - Bummer! :(

Spastic Zebra - you can be a stealthy assassin and still be a good guy - it all depends on who you decide to kill - killing bandits, Foresworn, Thalmor, and other evildoers from the shadows makes you a good guy (of course, if you're an actual assassin who's member of the Dark Brotherhood and kills people for profit, you're playing a bad guy - which is just fine, since I've played a Dark Brotherhood member myself a couple times). :)
I typically play a Nord with one-handed, archery, light armor, smithing, block, and speech. Basically a Skirmisher.

No matter what I play, though, I also use a Nord.
Traveling dwemer vacuum salesman.
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