El WeeD 2013年5月27日下午9:22
Ustengrav not cleared
por qe cuando paso la mision de los barbas grises no me aparece ustengrav como completado??
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nephthar 2013年5月27日下午10:40 
en ingles?
☭.kroNe 2013年5月28日上午8:45 
+1 even tho I dont understand these spanish ♥♥♥♥♥ which this guy has written, I'd also like to know why Ustengrav is not 'cleared' on map - I killed there everything that moved (yeah including draugr behind waterfall)
Roscaria 2013年5月28日上午10:02 
Then you have missed a skeleton somewhere as they move around on patrol.
nephthar 2013年5月28日下午8:16 
I have a few dungeons like this on my map and have returned a couple times to each but I have given up on the ones that are left that I have spent hours in and cant find anything new.
Roscaria 2013年5月28日下午9:59 

If you are not doing the quest: The Way Of The Voice, then Ustengrav remains uncleared until you have, as part of the area is blocked off and is kept or this quest only.
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