lesliewifeofbath 2013年5月26日 18時53分
For the Love of Asgard
Could someone please make a Loki-like male companion. I don't care about the freakin armor or the horns coming out of his head. Just make one that looks a bit like the character (barring any copyright infringements) and has semi-intelligent dialog. Dialog does not have to (and probably should not) be movie based--he could be a theif in Riften for all I care or even a disgrunted court jester. He should be sarcastic, dark, slightly moody (though not obnoxiously so--we're not talking Twilight).

I swear if you do this, you will make quite a few female gamers very, very happy (probably some male players too).



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mountrye 2013年5月27日 3時21分 
For further inspiration, you could also take a glance at Peter Madsen's visualization of Loki, as seen here;

"Valhalla" page with picture of Loke [www.petermadsen.info]
Cyrax 2013年5月27日 4時00分 
Here is an idea:
Why dont YOU make it?
mountrye 2013年5月27日 4時08分 
After my previous post, it occurred to me that my current game character, apart from his pointed ears, could pass for an interpretation of Loki. That look can be produced fairly quickly with the standard game character creation, if you just start out with the Bosmer category.

Zadorn, ready for Skyrim's Mr. Loki contest 2013
lesliewifeofbath 2013年6月27日 19時47分 
If I was a modder, I would thus it was a suggestion...
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Here is an idea:
Why dont YOU make it?
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