The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

[TTPN] Thunder Runner 2013年5月24日下午6:01
Up in Arms quest glitch
So I am doing the companions starter quest and I am at the part where you take Aela's shield to her. Now when I do so, some dialog is skipped and when she says to got have valka show me where to sleep the quest does not progress at all. She will contine to say the same dialoge over and over again and the only time it does progress is when I use the Fus shout on her but then everyone attacks me. What do I do?
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Roscaria 2013年5月24日下午9:51 
Have you tried going back to the Autosave where you reentered Jorvaskr with Aela's shield?
Let her speak first and then scroll down to the comment regarding her shield.
[TTPN] Thunder Runner 2013年5月24日下午10:11 
I tried everthing I could, I ultimately just used the console commands to restart the quest and it fixed it. The problem was that the other npc that she was talking to wasn't there which caused the glitch.
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