Tuskor 23/mai/2013 às 4:24
Something odd has happened.
When I use smithing on a new character it goes from 15 to 50 just from making 1 iron armor. I have NO mod that would change the value equipped. And I have made another new character with ZERO mods active other than SKSE enabled. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Anyone know a way I can fix this. Cause reinstalling skyrim doesn't help.
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JKflipflop 23/mai/2013 às 4:43 
Does it keep making big jumps like that or did it settle off after the first one?
Tuskor 23/mai/2013 às 13:40 
After 50 it went 60, 70, 75, 80, 82, then upgrades by one point till 100. It also gave me experience up the yin yang. My level went from 15 to 35 then 45, etc. I would like someone to help me out cause I don't want to skip a bunch of level even though its the start of a new game. There is no fun when you can one shot kill everything starting out
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