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Regilla Marcianus 2013年5月23日 3時01分
Appearance change of Aela?
I'm not sure whether it's due to a mod or it's in the latest patch but has anyone else noticed that Aela's appearance has changed? When she's inside Jorrvaskr she's not dressed in her usual outfit but in a dress and much more feminine. Her hair is in the typical princess Leia look and she "feels" different. Call me silly and am I the only one who noticed?
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Zelinkondorf 2013年5月23日 3時19分 
Roscaria 2013年5月23日 3時45分 
Just checked on Aela, she is still in armour with hair hanging loose in my game. Yes she was in Jorrvaskr.
最近の変更はRoscariaが行いました; 2013年5月23日 3時46分
Regilla Marcianus 2013年5月23日 3時51分 
When she's first encountered at the Pelagia farm and before joining the Companions she has her "old" look and at some point in that questline she changes. I'll check what happens when I uncheck the Radiant Quest addon. Thanks for checking Roscaria.
Maloy20 2013年5月23日 7時01分 
Sounds like a mod lol
fran25 2013年5月23日 7時46分 
There is an Aela mod on Nexus that makes her a Dirty Blonde knockout. I have never used anything since.
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