cowpaddies 2013年5月23日上午1:17
what armor looks good on kajitts
having trouble finding light armor that lookks good on khajitts. the vagabond armor so far looks best but i dont like the bear claw cloak. so what armors do you all like for kajitts?
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Ouroboros > Orochi 2013年5月23日上午2:16 
I would use nightingale armor set if you're playing khajiits as stealth character
ARmodder PFC Collins [1st MEF] 2013年5月23日下午11:17 
other than the nightengale armor they look good in steel or steel plate armor especially if you download Silver Steel armor from Nexus or here if they have it, oh lol you said light armor, well there aren't many stylish light armors in the vanilla game, I have several light armors I downloaded from here and Nexus they are as follows: Scout armor, Aragorns Ranger Armor, and Mithril Armor
最后由 ARmodder PFC Collins [1st MEF] 编辑于; 2013年5月23日下午11:21
Fantastic Mr Foxter 2013年5月23日下午11:48 
Steelplate, Elven and I think glass looks pretty good on them
Aldehydra 2013年5月24日上午12:34 
Glass looks good. The assassin gear looks pretty good too.
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