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Dontkillme! 2013年5月22日 23時49分
is tyranus a cheaterbot? he will not die and will dont stop attacking me.why?
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Uncle Cookie 2013年5月23日 0時15分 
He is a quest character and is essential (can not die) until you do his quest. It is a glitch that he will sometimes attack the player if you have a bounty.
Dontkillme! 2013年5月23日 1時16分 
ah! ok, can i start the quest with him?
Uncle Cookie 2013年5月23日 1時37分 
Enter Markarth through the front gate and keep walking forward past the market stalls. You should see him arguing with someone about an old house. Wait for the other guy to walk away, then step towards Tyranus and he'll start the same argument with you. Instead of telling him go away, ask if he wants help. That will start the quest for a Daedric artifact.
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