MeTarznUJane 2013년 5월 22일 오후 9시 56분
Mouse click not alway's working!!!!
When I am forging, crafting, or trying to fast travel on the map my mouse button will not click will not initiate the "yes", "no", or ok. It seems to do it especially do it on all pop up windows when I click the "R" for crafting. Any idea's?
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ARmodder 2013년 5월 22일 오후 10시 40분 
try hovering over the yes/no with the pointer and hit enter instead of clicking it with the mouse
MeTarznUJane 2013년 5월 24일 오후 8시 16분 
Tried that a long time ago. I deleted my old game saves, uninstalled/re-installed my mods, and refreshed all of my controller setting's and that seemed to work. Thanks though.
Volound 2014년 1월 14일 오전 3시 18분 
Stop trying to use apostrophes.
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