The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
☞Monolith☜ 22 тра 2013 о 12:20
Buying Property
How exactly do u buy property in Skyrim?
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Ouroboros 22 тра 2013 о 12:23 
talk to the jarl steward eg. for whiterun, you go to Proventus Avenicci to buy house
TheBusStop 22 тра 2013 о 12:24 
you go the the stewart of the jarl in the major holds to buy houses and upgrades for the houses, but you will probably have to do some quests for the jarls to unlock the dialouge options needed to purchase a house.
Roscaria 22 тра 2013 о 12:24 
You have to do a task for the Jarl of the hold where you want to buy a house or land. If you want to become a Thane as well the Jarl will expect you to help some of the hold's people.
☞Monolith☜ 22 тра 2013 о 12:25 
YoYoduh 2 вер 2013 о 16:22 
What if the Dawnstars Steward is gone (possibly killed by dragon ) ? The same thing happened to me in another game of mine but it was the one for Falkreath But the Jharl there gave me the deed . ????
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