The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

StephenTheHero 2013年5月21日下午2:09
Mod Ideas ?
I need some ideas for mods i can't think of any good ideas
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Sightless17 2013年5月21日下午2:12 
I have an awesome idea which I am trying to create. A completely underground kingdom! (Think Blackreach but with people) I've created the three new races but am working on gameplay balance issues that might arise with their abilies. Though I'm sure you were thinking of stuff a little less grand in scale right?
StephenTheHero 2013年5月21日下午2:25 
Chaana 2013年5月21日下午3:48 
Make a dialogue-mod for Maven Black Briar that adds lines in case the player is The Listener. I hate that she tries to threaten me with the Dark Brotherhood. Does she want me to kill myself or something? :/
Captain Beefart 2013年5月21日下午3:59 
humble house mods!
StephenTheHero 2013年5月21日下午4:09 
引用自 ItchyBum
humble house mods!
Donut Lord 2013年5月21日下午4:16 
I have yet to find a mod that lets you end the Beast Form early (you just have to use the wait button, but if there are enemies near by....aka stupid mudcrabs you cant find....then you're stuck)
Lachlan 2013年5月21日下午4:55 
A first-person werewolf & vampire lord mod if that doesn't exist already.
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