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Will 2013年5月21日 8時22分
Post your funniest moments!
As the title says, post the funniest moments you've had in Skyrim, whether it's a random moment or something unintentional. Funny moments achieved through the console are fine!

Feel free to rate other peoples funny moments (preferably out of 5)
Just a few rules to keep in mind:
Please don't de-rail the thread. If you want to argue with someone, add them on Steam or keep the conversation on their profile. Be polite, enjoy reading what people post, and be sure to post your funny moments too!

Here's mine:
I used pushactoraway on the player ('cos fast travel is boring!) and landed on a dead fox that I killed back when I first started playing Skyrim.
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Source 2 when? 2013年5月21日 8時30分 
I got a funny glitch when I was rampaging Solitude as werewolf and I kill this guard when I drag his body his neck strech like crazy lol!!
aturqoise 2013年5月21日 8時56分 
I was sneaking round a bandit holdout, went to open a door where I could hear several bandits talking. When I opened the door everything went flying around the room, plates, tankards, food, made a horrible racket. Yet none of the bandits noticed. I was still able to sneak up on them.
Stania 2013年5月21日 12時08分 
In one of my travels for the Blue Palace, I was being followed by husband Vilkas, since I'm a male DB, a maid stood in front of me and said "Are you my galant hero? Have you come to show me a life full of adventures and romance?" Vilkas cleared his throat and gave me an angry glare. I switched to third person and saw that I had a worried face.

I don't know if it's a glitch, but yesterday I used my shield to protect myself from a Draugr Deathlord, he shouted his unrelenteing force, but I reflected it. It hit Agmaer (my follower) and sent him flying.
Will 2013年5月21日 12時21分 
I'd been playing GMod Tower, so I was used to right clicking to go into third person camera orbit. I had my flames equipped while I was listening to what Farengar had to say. I pressed right click to orbit my character, and burned him by accident.
frayne182 2013年5月21日 12時34分 
I have had a few glitches that were funny. I came out of a house once and a horse and guy were just flying around and kept getting stuck on things. Then it just flew away into the mountains.

I was like "What in the ♥♥♥♥"? and kept going.

Was a bit freaky actually. but funny.
Trenton. 2013年5月21日 12時35分 
The first time I got air-cannoned by a Giant, I burst out laughing.
Maloy20 2013年5月21日 12時43分 
Was walking the roads when A giant spider appears and I am playing master mode, still no big deal. Unfortunately a friendly npc was walking by that doesn't respawn and was being targetted, so I'm freaking out because I hate losing npcs that don't respawn so I shout the spider off the road and across the river.

THEN once it lands it gets up and their happens to be a young woman who also did not respawn right next to it at the time, so the spider gets up and kills her while I sprint like crazy trying to save her. I killed the spider and it landed ontop of her, and when I got it off she had a really creepy smile on her face >.>.

Also as part of my sick sense of humour I laughed like crazy on the final DB quest where you assasinate the Emperor. I beat the Commander of his guard to a pulp then stole his soul and kept it with me forever as a souveneir. Total evil laugh moments as he spends eternity either in the Soul Cairn or my pocket!
camer823 2013年5月21日 12時47分 
My moment is when I summoned a gargole (how ever its spelled) and forgot about it... I was in first person and somehow he got further in the dungon then me so I go arround a corner and my gargole ran at me from like 5 feet away and timed out at about 1/2 a foot away and then just vanished because i was running modless at the time so no smoke or magic effects he just vanished. I had a mini heart attack and still get kinda scared when I see them.
frayne182 2013年5月21日 12時51分 
xaphannaphax の投稿を引用:
The first time I got air-cannoned by a Giant, I burst out laughing.

Yes that made me laugh to.
camer823 2013年5月21日 12時55分 
frayne182 の投稿を引用:
xaphannaphax の投稿を引用:
The first time I got air-cannoned by a Giant, I burst out laughing.

Yes that made me laugh to.
First time I saw this I thought it was a mod but then it happened to Lydia for me (before I knew to wait for like an our and they come back) and I spent a long time looking for her because she wasnt comeing back. I found her jamed between two rocks running in place. lol
voltcheck 2013年5月21日 14時15分 
lets see... ._. death by troll, assasination by troll, nuked by a troll, trolled by a troll, trolled by multiple trolls, dragon trolled by frost trolls, trolls trolling each other. nuff said. xD
DoarkDeevah 2013年5月21日 15時41分 
Everyone in riverwood that was outside turned and told me I was naked, all at the same time.
Chaana 2013年5月21日 15時58分 
Necro chickens. Why? I don't know. It's probably just me.
aturqoise 2013年5月21日 20時20分 
xaphannaphax の投稿を引用:
The first time I got air-cannoned by a Giant, I burst out laughing.

The Nordic space program. works everytime. Makes me giggle everytime it happens.
Lonnie Olafson 2013年5月22日 1時22分 
Giants golf Skyrim style, or getting decapitated for the first time,or having a kill cam move pulled on you,or sucker punching a chicken by mistake and having all of Riverwood wanting me dead.
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