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AlreadyDead 2013年5月21日 5時08分
Mods for making crafting / selling less of a chore

Is there a mod for making crafting easier / more fun?

Maybe a box I can throw all my materials in, and just access them from any crafting station. I get fed up of trecking back and forth to my house to load up / craft / drop off.

Being able to sell any of my stuff to any vendor without carting it around would save me time too...

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AlreadyDead 2013年5月21日 5時38分 
That looks pretty good, thanks.
Calendyn 2013年5月22日 15時59分 
I think if you get married, your spouse can set up a shop and will make a profit on things you give them to sell.
aturqoise 2013年5月22日 16時03分 
If you become head of the Theives guild the merchants have more gold and the fences have at least 4000 gold and you can sell them anything.
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