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lioba999 2013年5月21日 0時32分
Summit of Apocrypha
Looking Mirdaak's Temple. Running around in circles. Standing here in front of book that takes me back to chapter II, it looks like the map says this is the spot. How do I get to Mirdaak's Temple?
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Practical1 2013年5月21日 0時46分 
-Snippet from Elder Scrolls Wikia-
Read the Black Book: Waking Dreams. This will transport the Dragonborn to Apocrypha. Walk straight ahead and activate the large book to transport to Chapter II. Next head up the stairs and over the bridge to a higher platform where the book Boneless Limbs is found on an altar. Take the book and head up the stairs that retract. At the top enter the door to Chapter III.
Be aware that you will have a puzzle ahead of you revolving around all the oddly named books, but it should be easy enough to do without much help.
lioba999 2013年5月21日 13時01分 
I was missing one of teh necessary books. I got it figured out on my own. Thank you for your help! But now I am stuck with these black books & it's really cramping my style carrying this extra weight around. Liona is my pack mule but the poor girl can't carry it all so I have to dump some stuff & fast travel back to Severin Manor. Major pain in the ♥♥♥♥! How do I ditch these Black Books?
Practical1 2013年5月21日 15時30分 
You'll need the console for this; I don't believe anyone in the world of Morrowind or Skyrim would want to buy any of those black books. Bethesda forgot to remove the quest tag on those black books once the story of Dragonborn had ended; these are the console commands to fix that.

Player.showinventory (pg up/pg dn to scroll through the items you have with you)
Player.drop <ItemID> <Quantity of item>

If you want to obliterate the books from existence however, type:

Player.removeitem <ItemID> <Quantity>
And player.additem <ItemID> <Quantity> if you want to get the books back.
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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