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pH | Rarara. 2013年5月20日 14時47分
Dragon Bones and Scales
They're worth a bunch but every time I go and try to sell them, I can't. is there somewhere special I have to sell them to?
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hatchet5891 2013年5月20日 15時55分 
nope, you should be able to sell them to any store that sells general goods. You can't sell them to people who only sell food or only sell weapons unless you get the speechcraft perk to sell anything to anyone, but that is pretty high up on the perk tree I think.
Jogon 2013年5月20日 16時12分 
You can sell them to any General Store. I have sold lots of them in Whiterun but as he only has about 750 septims you can only sell one set of scales and one set of bones before he runs out of money.
frogprincess_q4 2013年5月20日 17時21分 
You can sell them to alchemists too.
Lonely Shoe 2013年5月20日 17時27分 
keep them! when your smithing is like 100 i think then you can make dragon armor :D
Uiharumorphous 2013年5月20日 17時28分 
Check how much money the store has left at the bottom right of the buy/sell menu'that might be the problem.
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