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theB2productions 2013年5月20日 11時55分
Do I lose my game data of what I played so far when I install a DLC
I really want to buy a DLC for skyrim but a friend told me that i would have to start from level 1 when i bought it
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SinisterSlay 2013年5月20日 12時03分 
No, you don't :)
Brigor 2013年5月20日 14時35分 
You wouldnt lose your saves, when you install a DLC but if you want you could make a backup of your datas. Just open the saves-folder in "Username/Documents/MyGames/Skyrim/Saves" (Default on Windows 7 I hope its the same on your platform) and save it in an other direction. So when something went wrong you can recover it.
theB2productions 2013年5月21日 7時24分 
thanks guys
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