The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Sir Sasquatch 20 тра 2013 о 8:43
Skyrim Civil War
It was disappointing playing the Civil War quest in Skyrim. No real battles took place it seemed. I took the imperial side and I do not know if the stormcloak side is any different. The civil war seemed to be a big part of skyrim but it seemed to be a big flop. Which ever side you join seemed to win the war so easy. For anyone that knows how to work the mods since I can't seem to make heads or tails out of it at the moment, it would be nice to see either the stormcloaks or the imperials conter attack and retake some of the cities back since your charactor was not there to stop it. Have the imperials get reinforcements from the empiror if they start losing the war and retaking parts of the map from the stormcloaks and have quest you have to do in order to weaken the imperial army for a final push to solitude. Also it would be interesting if either side wins a town or city to have a scene of the jarl being draged out of there keep to the headsman block and having there head chopped off and like one day later show there head on a spike outside the city or the keep. Give the game the feel of unrest that seems like it will not rest.
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AndrewOrton 20 тра 2013 о 10:37 
svampy 20 тра 2013 о 10:43 
Indeed. they should've made more out of the civil war campaign.
wowszer 20 тра 2013 о 17:35 
There is the battle for Whiterun, but they are all quest related, to bulid your skills.
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