The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Gandalf The Pimp 19 тра 2013 о 13:50
In the quest Reluctant Steward in the dragonborn dlc i talked to everybody and they tell me varona went to raven rock and i dont get the quest marker for it and i cant find her body, somebody please help
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Jogon 19 тра 2013 о 16:57 
Try just outside Neloth's house in Tel Mithryn. Neloth's assistant was trying out an Ash Guardian spell and it went wrong.
Gandalf The Pimp 19 тра 2013 о 19:06 
i did, i killed it and then told him, then told the apothecary chick
aturqoise 19 тра 2013 о 19:53 
The body is farther away from Tel Mythrin, keep goig north you find more ash spawn then her body.
Gandalf The Pimp 20 тра 2013 о 12:00 
ok thanks
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