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Gandalf The Pimp 2013年5月19日 13時50分
In the quest Reluctant Steward in the dragonborn dlc i talked to everybody and they tell me varona went to raven rock and i dont get the quest marker for it and i cant find her body, somebody please help
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Jogon 2013年5月19日 16時57分 
Try just outside Neloth's house in Tel Mithryn. Neloth's assistant was trying out an Ash Guardian spell and it went wrong.
Gandalf The Pimp 2013年5月19日 19時06分 
i did, i killed it and then told him, then told the apothecary chick
aturqoise 2013年5月19日 19時53分 
The body is farther away from Tel Mythrin, keep goig north you find more ash spawn then her body.
Gandalf The Pimp 2013年5月20日 12時00分 
ok thanks
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