Asduff 2013. máj. 19. @ de. 11:41
No music
Title says it all, music is on in the options and I'm not having any problems with other sounds.
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Liam Parker 2013. máj. 19. @ du. 2:12 
Is it muted in Volume Mixer?
Knickerbocker 2014. ápr. 6. @ du. 3:46 
1. Go to a town. (I went to solitude)
2. alt-tap to your desktop and return to the game. You should be haring the "dragon fighting" music
3. open the console with the ` key (next to the "1" key)
4. type: removemusic MUSCombatBoss (the dragon tune should fade out)
5. wait a couple seconds and the town music should start playing
6. Once you hear it, fast travel to a different town to see if the music still plays, then go to a dungeon or outside to see if the other music works.
Knickerbocker 2014. ápr. 6. @ du. 3:47 
Credit to CraftyAndy. If this did not work, then I have no idea how to help you. This worked for me.
Asduff 2014. ápr. 7. @ de. 5:18 
A really, really old problem. The save was corrupt, so I created a new 1 and it was ok.
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