The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Meteor Strike 2013年5月19日上午12:38
there should be 6 limb dragons and flightless dragons
thes dragons are common so why not?
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Nobody 2013年5月19日上午12:40 
someone should make a mod of that!!
Meteor Strike 2013年5月19日上午12:41 
引用自 Houeclipse621
someone should make a mod of that!!
dam right!!!...any volenteers
最后由 Meteor Strike 编辑于; 2013年5月19日上午12:41
Ojisan Kukkī 2013年5月19日上午1:46 
Monster Mod and Monster Wars add new draconic creatures, most of which are "excessively aggressive." A couple new species of full-sized dragons, smaller dragons about a half the size of a mammoth that live in groups, horse-sized dragons that are incapable of flight but are just as vicious as their larger cousins. They may be more that I have yet to encounter, but I have not seen any with more than four legs.

Install Monster Mod first
and then install Monster Wars on top of it

They are quite large downloads but the mods themselves are nicely packed into .bsa archives so there is no mess and they can be easily removed if you decide they are too much.
最后由 Ojisan Kukkī 编辑于; 2013年5月19日上午1:48
isengrim 2013年5月19日上午4:02 
Technically, the dragons already have six limbs - four legs and two wings.

And you forgot to include wyverns in your list, wyverns (two legs, two wings) are cool, too. :)
Meteor Strike 2013年5月19日上午4:10 
引用自 isengrim
Technically, the dragons already have six limbs - four legs and two wings.

And you forgot to include wyverns in your list, wyverns (two legs, two wings) are cool, too. :)
wyverns are already in skyrim but not the 6 limb ones
Heretic 2013年5月19日上午4:11 
spiderdragons? oh wait thats 8......
最后由 Heretic 编辑于; 2013年5月19日上午4:12
heartnewts 2013年5月19日上午4:43 
isengrim 2013年5月19日上午4:46 
Ah, haven't seen any wyverns yet, just regular, six limbed (two legs, two wings) classic European-style dragons. Four legs no wings would be too Oriental for me, I've had enough of that theme with mists of pandaria ... especially if they were to fly with no visible means of support. :P

(If you ever read the Dragonriders of Pern books, especially the older ones, the Pernese people should have realized that they and certain other beasts weren't native to Pern, as Terran animals are four-limbed, while Pernese natives have six - in the case of fire lizards, four legs and two wings, the wings having evolved from what were once legs, persumably, just like in Earth vertabrates (bats and birds; bug wings are built on different principles. Therefore, dragon wings count as "limbs" in the same way bird and bat wings do.)

最后由 isengrim 编辑于; 2013年5月19日上午4:47
heartnewts 2013年5月19日上午5:01 
I'd had some trouble getting my Skyrim to run at the right resolution and with the right cursor... so I wish I could play further into the game. Actually, can anyone link some Let's Play with all the Dragon mods installed?
DeadWire 2013年5月19日上午5:03 
引用自 isengrim
Ah, haven't seen any wyverns yet

The "dragons" in Skyrim already basicly are wyverns in all but name (barbed tail, wings but no extra set of arms and some even seem to have psudo beaks)
isengrim 2013年5月19日上午5:29 
I thought they had four legs; I guess it's hard to see with them shouting fire in your face. :D

Come to think of it, all I usually get a good look at is their noses.

最后由 isengrim 编辑于; 2013年5月19日上午5:30
Holden 2013年5月19日上午5:44 
that would be AWESOME.
[x] Browncoat 2013年5月19日上午6:23 
Cause they do not fit into TES lore.
isengrim 2013年5月19日上午9:15 
OK, I finally got a good look at one in daytime, as it was coming to a land in front of me with no fireworks going on. Yeah, they are wyverns, I misinterpreted why they seemed to hold their wings funny while landed. Too busy trying to kill 'em to notice them walking like bats, lol, especially since the dragons have longer legs and are better at it.

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