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Pimp Service mod
Someone should create a mod that allows you to become a pimp. You can collect gold septims from various girls under your control for quick buck. Same thing like your wife running a shop.
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it already exists on the nexus
This is Skyrim dude, not GTA...and do you think the girls are going to feel about this?...BAD very Bad.....(more restrictions should be in place regarding the uploading of certain designs of mods)...

There is a girl gamer community here to y'know..and just another form of Glorifying disrespectful behaviour towards women is typical of silly immature males who don't understand the issue untill they grow a pair and start having respect for women....
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Автор сообщения: Sesh
I hate mods of this type but they are always around. The Skyrim marriage system is already this so no just get a multiple marriages mod.
Everybody is different if you dont want the mod dont get it just move on, me on the other hand want all that ranchy stuff.
Where is Matilda when you need her!
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Сообщения 15 из 5
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