tecknode May 18, 2013 @ 5:31pm
SkyUI 3 is Out Warning
I had SkyUI 2.4 on my system and just upgraded to SkyUI 3.4, but there is a hitch.

In the read-me, they do NOT tell you up-front that you MUST uninstall older versions of SkyUI, including SkyUI 3 beta. They tell you much later in the read-me.

I did this manually:

  • Made sure I was NOT subscribed to SkyUI in Steam Workshop
  • I still have the SkyUI 2.4 7zip file, so I extracted it to my default location
  • Compared the file/folder lists in the unpacked-to folder to ....\Skyrim\DATA
  • Simply deleted all those files from ....\Skyrim\DATA
  • Lunched Skyrim using the Steam Launcher and saved the game (suggested in the read-me), then [Exit] without playing
  • Subscribed to SkyUI in Steam Workshop
  • Relaunched Skyrim using the Steam Launcher to sync MODs, which included downloading SkyUI 3.4, then [Exit] without playing
  • Relaunched Skyrim using the Script Extender[skse.silverlock.org] Launcher and Skyrim with SkyUI ran without a hitch

SkyUI 3.4 is much better. Also the reason for uninstalling older versions became apparent because SkyUI 3.4 uses a SkyUI.esp and SkyUI.bsa.

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Big Boom Boom May 18, 2013 @ 10:19pm 
SkyUI 3.4 only come to workshop just now? I had that like ages ago from Nexus.
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