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JustAnOrdinaryBadass 2013年5月18日 8時42分
Skyrim gets shut down
When i open the game at the beginning where bethesda is shown game gets closed,what can i do ? icant play the game. :(
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Roscaria 2013年5月18日 9時30分 
You need to give more details. What DLC's or mods do you have?
JustAnOrdinaryBadass 2013年5月18日 12時25分 
i dont have dlcs but i have 20 mods
JustAnOrdinaryBadass 2013年5月18日 12時25分 
should i delete them
Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年5月18日 12時41分 
Crashing after the Bethesda logo is usually caused by a mod conflict; I would check there first.
Sesh 2013年5月18日 15時49分 
In general don't install mods until after you play the basic game, and even then don't install them all at once. Take the time to see if what you installed had the desired change.
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