burak.kulbay 2013 年 05 月 18 日 @ 上午 3 時 35 分
Retexture Tutorial Cration Kit Problems
Hi there.
If there's anyone out there that has followed that tutorial without encountering any problems I would very much like your help.

The link: http://www.creationkit.com/Retexture_Tutorial#The_GIMP

The problem:
I follow every step without problem until I go to the Creation kit and duplicate the silversword without creating a new form.
However, when I try to edit the model with my new one and go into the folder where the model is (Skyrim/Data/Meshes/Weapons/Silver) it says "invalid directory". Even when I try to go back to the original 1stpersonsilversword.nif it says the same thing.

What's wrong?
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burak.kulbay 2013 年 05 月 18 日 @ 上午 8 時 09 分 
Gjølberg 2013 年 05 月 18 日 @ 上午 9 時 44 分 
Is this a new sword or just retexture?
burak.kulbay 2013 年 05 月 20 日 @ 上午 2 時 04 分 
I found out what the problem was.
The folder was in the wrong place. I had made my own "textures" folder. And inside that folder was another "textures" folder.
I simply had to erase the first folder.
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