The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

jlooneytoon 2013年5月18日上午1:39
Seeking Mod/Modder
Ok so while I love the looks of a lot of customs out there, idk I just feel like something is missing. I like the strength of the sword I got from the halo mod I downloaded, its base was like 1 above dragons. I don't think thats OPing considering a dragonbone sword with no enchantments on legendary does NOTHING lol. So I tried making my own and well epic failure... I was hoping there might be someone out there who would be kind enough to assist me or better yet just make one haha. I do apologize if this isn't the way to do it, im new to the steam community and I'm still figuring everything out. Thanx again in advance guys.
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jlooneytoon 2013年5月18日上午1:52 
bumps i guess
Sesh 2013年5月18日下午12:35 
Try asking on Nexus or the steam workshop forums.
|Xвпп| Witt 2013年5月18日下午1:05 
If you want a sword with custom stats, using a model that's already in the game; it's pretty easy. Just open a mod in the Toolset... Find the stock sword that looks the way you want. Duplicate it, then start altering stats on the duplicate.

Then you can drop the duplicate at some location(s) in Skyrim, or use the console to get the item in game.

You can also create a crafting recipe for it fairly easily, but you'll need to watch a couple tutorials on YouTube for that. Easy.

It's only when you are trying to insert custom meshes and models that things become a little more complicated.
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