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Charlemagne May 17, 2013 @ 7:39pm
Not spending any magicka
All of a sudden I'm not spending any magicka. I'm in Saarthal. When I use strong spells like fireball, the blue bar doesn't even appear. When I use really strong spells like revenant, the blue bar appears for an instant and goes down but replenishes in less than a second to full, even before I cast the spell. What could be the cause of this? It seemed fun at first but it could be a game spoiler. I removed all my magic apparel to make sure none of that was causing it.

Edit: The effect finally went away after waiting almost two game days. I had two unexplained Fortify Magicka effects: One that said "fortify magicka" fortify magicka +100 for 2 hours (real time hours, I presume). The other said "drain magicka" fortify magicka +25 for 2 hours. I only drank one fortify magicka during the battle with Gauldurson, and it was a fortify magicka +19 for 60 seconds. Now I want to know how I can get that effect again! :-D
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-uBer- May 17, 2013 @ 8:26pm 
4 enchanted pieces of armor/clothing/jewelry with effects like destruction spells cost 25% less to cast. All spells will cost 0 mana/
Roscaria May 17, 2013 @ 8:34pm 
Wow! I want whatever you had.
Charlemagne May 17, 2013 @ 8:34pm 
Yeah but as I said the effect persisted even after I removed everything, it went away only after those two strange FM effects went away. To my knowledge there are no potions, foods or whatever that have 2 hours real time effects. Things like Elsweyr stew last at best 720 seconds- 12 minutes. Most fortify potions are 60 seconds or 30 seconds long. I just drank another of my +19 potions and it lasted as expected, just 60 seconds and it did not have the effect I described above.

Now I'm sorry that I waited out the effect. I should have taken advantage of it, for two real time hours... Aaaahh...

Edit: Found what it was. It comes from cleaning the Magic Points of the College. And I threw it away!
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