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Lone Wanderer 2013年5月17日 16時47分
Can't Shout or Collect Dragon Souls
I recently downloaded Skyrim and all the DLCs, but I've run into a BIG problem. The game won't let me shout or collect dragon souls. When I kill a dragon I don't even get the animation to collect the dragon soul and the dragon does not turn into a skeleton. If I press Z to shout, guards and other npcs will pick up on it and will do the normal dialogue, like the guards telling me that I need to stop. I've downloaded all Unofficial Patches in an attempt to fix it as well, but the problem occurred even before I got the DLCs and before the Unofficial Patches.

Update: Not a load order problem as far as I can tell, manually checked load order and even ran BOSS but couldn't find any problems. Is the only thing I can do at this point to uninstall all my mods and restart on a new save? :(

Please Help!
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wowszer 2013年5月17日 21時02分 
Do you have a draagonsoul collected? Have you activated a shout at all yet. With the R. I know that you said you can't absorb souls but the first on at the watch tower shoul have activated. If not then make sure that your order starts with the .esm mods, then .esp, then your patches. Also any mod that affects dragons or shouts may be a problem even by being active. Some mods cause conflicts. There was one that increased the birds seen, affected Hearthfire house building. Try disabling mods, see if that helps. Don't disable the .esm etc, just the rest. If you made a save just before a dragon fight, (dragon was present) use that save to check if removing a mod(s) helps, then narrow down.
Not Arteezy 2013年5月18日 6時43分 
Maybe you're not the dragonborn.
Totally Harmless 2013年5月18日 12時52分 
I've had this before, Just re-install if you don't feel like modding.
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