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What should I use for weapon/armor creation
This is mostly directed toward the skyrim modding community...I'm creating my own meshes/textures for the God of War: Chains of Olympus weapon(s) and Golden Fleece armor...I would like to know your guys's opinion on what program i should use whether it be: Blender, Windows Cinema, ZBrush, etc.

Thanks for the help ;)
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I have found GIMP2 pretty good at rendering, although it is a little complex to get to grips with at first..There's always Adobe photoshop, corel paintshop pro..You do need to make sure that you have downloaded the necessary plug - in for the software you are using so as to be able to export and import the files you want to work with..

All this is free and accessable from the internet too :D

Nifskope seems to be pretty good at handling the meshes..that's free also!
NosebleedNonsense May 15, 2013 @ 1:05pm 
cool...i have NifSkope...i've looked at some GIMP videos on youtube that are quite nice and not too hard for me to handle...i posted this because i need something new and different from my photoshop center because my other steam account was accidentally banned and all of my mods that i made are now gone...thx for the advice will try it...also does anyone have any ideas for artist programs because i'm quite the computer painter and would like something to express my ideas for mods.

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