xarinlemox 2013年5月14日上午10:43
Steam taking too long to load.

I play DOTA 2 on steam mostly , but it takes me too long to load STEAM. When the windows was freshly installed Steam used to connect in first attempt, but ever since I loaded other essential softwares it had been taking more than one attempt to load and the login times are very long too.

Can anyone explain why this could be happening ?

Thanks in advance
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年5月14日上午10:50 
Why have you posted this in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim Forum.?
pike 2013年5月14日上午10:53 
you really need to post this in the steam forum , that's where you will get the best help , also check the steam support topics
xarinlemox 2013年5月31日下午12:23 
ok , wilco
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