The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Save game issue
I have about 20 save files over 2 characters and the one I have now is having some minor memory issues, I am at level 25 (technically) but on the current save it says I'm at 24 which is wrong, in addition I have talked to everyone in whiterun and used all the dialouge options but now those options are all highlighted again as if I have never talked to anyone there before.

But what really gets me is that I have the Become the King of Riverhelm mod and I have been the king for the past two months but upon my attempt to find my troops and to get new recruits the officer told me I need to be King, well dummy I am the King!

If anyone else using this mod has encountered this problem or even if they have no mods but the game is forgeting things please let me know, all my mods are in the correct Load order both confirmed through BOSS and Manually through the Skyrim data files at the title menu, thank you for any and all help!