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earwen 2013年5月12日 13時57分
Searching for a mod for female clothes and armor looking more like male ones
Does anybody know some good mod that adds armor and clothing looking more or less the same for females as for males? Especially would be great for armor 'cause female versions of armor breastplates look quite silly to me.
Some common clothes versions with pants instead of skirt would be very nice as well.
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年5月12日 14時42分 
All I know of really is TERA Armour...( nexus.)..See if that is any good...
earwen 2013年5月12日 14時48分 
Thanks, but it seems it's quite the opposite to what i'm searching for. I'd like something rather much less naked and feminine-looking.
Uncle Cookie 2013年5月12日 14時48分
34 sets of armor for both male & female: heavy, light, mage, and leather. No wh♥re outfits.
最近の変更はUncle Cookieが行いました; 2013年5月12日 14時50分
earwen 2013年5月12日 14時54分 
Thanks, this mod looks promising =)
stabbykitteh 2013年5月12日 15時26分 
There's this adaptation for the vanilla female armors:
earwen 2013年5月12日 15時44分 
Thanks, that's exactly what i'm looking for! Pity, not everything is included.
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