aeryn715 2013年5月12日上午3:24
please can you advise me on who to side with in dawnguard vampire or dawnguard
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2013年5月12日上午3:28 
You do realise that you're gonna get both replies to either faction, don't you....The answer is.......YOU Have to decide...that's why they made the you have to make your own decisions,

Personally, I go Dawnguard, but meh..not completely into the Vampy thing...more of a scientific kind a guy....Best thing for a Vamp = Ag :)
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aeryn715 2013年5月12日上午3:30 
thankyou for your reply but i kind of guessed it would be a personal choice
-[CFH]-GHOST53 2013年5月14日下午3:48 
if you pick vampire than you will have too suck the blood out of your old lady and kids even your dog evle lives
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