The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Meteor Strike 11/mai/2013 às 22:38
whats the most dangerous creature in tamriel?
any creature in the elder scroll franchise than send a pic of it
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Pieni Mursu 11/mai/2013 às 22:48 
Will-o-the-Wisps. Because ♥♥♥♥ those things.
Meteor Strike 11/mai/2013 às 23:19 
lol mine is a top 5
1. legendary dragons
2. giants
3. dremoras
4. falmer
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Meteor Strike 11/mai/2013 às 23:20 
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Do you mean Tamriel or Skyrim? This game doesn't cover even half of the creatures in Tamriel and the distinction is huge. It's the difference between the worst creature in this game or the most dangerous creature in the lore.
Meteor Strike 11/mai/2013 às 23:26 
Escrito originalmente por Sesh:
In that case:
1. Will-o-Wisp (Oblivion version)
2. Dragon Priests
3. Ogres (frequently face them more than 1 at a time)
4. Gloom Wraiths
5. Werewolves (Morrowind version)
6. High level dragons
7. Liches
8. Barilnazar (Mummy capable of completely blinding his opponents)
9. The Imperfect
will-o-wisp? lol
Be Raspy 11/mai/2013 às 23:35 
I completely agree, Will-O-Wisps were crazy hard in Oblivion.
I can really think of any hard creatures in Skyrim, all pretty easy.
Pieni Mursu 11/mai/2013 às 23:40 
Escrito originalmente por Sesh:
Oblivion Will-o-Wisps are impossible to kill if you can't dodge their attacks. This is the case no matter what level you are at. They are completely immune to normal weapons and steal 30 health and magicka an attack for only 10 casting cost. They aren't like the Skyrim Will-o-Wisps at all.
Not to mention that they're really fast, can turn invisible, and do semi-permanent damage to your Willpower and Intelligence, so if you're playing as a mage they can screw you over really fast.
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Meteor Strike 12/mai/2013 às 0:20 
i use silver,deadric and enchanted weapons to kill em they seem easy to me but they are still annoying
Or, actually, any of the Divines. But you don't really come into battle with them. I'm inclined to agree with Holz - Dragon Priests are a pain.
Some dude running around claiming he's the Dragon Born.....seems to go ariound wiping everything out, not failing at anything, always knows where to go, never gets stuck or has to thnk about a problem, often attacks his friends (depending)...Oh - wait....
Carnal 12/mai/2013 às 6:56 
Yeah. I have played Skyrim and Oblivion so many hours and met so many creatures in my adventures, but i think the most fearsome enemy i have met is mudcrab.
DIENER 12/mai/2013 às 7:34 
Cliff Racer.
Seriously those things appear from out of nowhere just to ♥♥♥♥ your♥♥♥♥♥♥up.
Definitely the Fox...Ol' Foxy you sly ol' Fox you.....

Big Boom Boom 12/mai/2013 às 21:57 
Naked women.

Seems to cause more threads post on Steam forum than every other creature combined.
frogprincess_q4 12/mai/2013 às 22:01 
Escrito originalmente por Big Boom Boom:
Naked women.

Seems to cause more threads post on Steam forum than every other creature combined.

LOL, hilarious and yet profound. That's classic! And sadly true, it seems.
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