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Skyrim coop possibility question
Hey. So, here is the situation

I understand that having Skyrim set up for coop would be almost impossible, as the game was really meant to be single player, and having both players games coordinate with eachother would be a pain.

So, the question is, is there a mod out there that, instead of making the game coop with 2 seperate characters, it has one player have a character and play the game, while another person can join as an "NPC" and help?

This is just a thought I had, and I was wondering if anybody else might have some input on it, or might know if a mod like this exists.
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The only one I've ever seen is a mod called Skyrim Online. It does function from what I understand (never tried it) but not sure how far along the modders got with it.
Thanks man. I have seen that around on the interwebs, but not a video of it working this well.
but still, if any modder could make something where a person becomes a playable "NPC" to help their friend, that would be awesome, you know?
Dark 12 mei 2013 om 12:12vm 
possibly a more lineire story for say theres the dragon born along with a mage, archer Ect.
yea, sometihng like that. jsut so we can play areund with friends, you know?
it wouldnt be that hard get rid of campain no story no conflict then crank up the damn difculty and play
dang make skyrim coop over platforms and over pc 2 or 3 people go out explore what they want when they want simple beef up the monsters put some epic big bosses that can respawn after 24 hours these things would make the game sell all over again make an add on for coop and throw a 15$ price and you just made 20mill from all your other skyrim fans plus what ever you make from people that play it at a friends house and deside i gott get it becouse i can play with my friend over the net anyways my thoughts
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