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untitled.txt 11 май 2013 в 12:24 сутринта
Two questions in one:
How do I install a mod and do I need to play this with an Xbox controller? Why won't the cursor follow my mouse correctly?
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|Xвпп| Witt 11 май 2013 в 12:40 сутринта 
Check out some of Gopher's Vids on the "Gophersvids" YouTube Channel.

Here is the modding tutorial playlist. Checkout the "Skyrim Mod Sancturary" after that. There are hours of vids if you wanna take it that far.

You'll be an expert!

No, you don't need a controller to play Skyrim, but you can use one if you want, as far as I know. Though I strongly prefer a keyboard and mouse.

Elaborate on your last question a bit, I don't know what you mean.
untitled.txt 11 май 2013 в 6:42 следобед 
I'll take a screenshot or video later to illustrate the problem. Skyrim Mod Sanctuary I'll google. Thanks!
FromanSK 11 май 2013 в 6:46 следобед 
Do what Witt said. Gopher is the best resource when it comes to mods. And he has the voice of a god.
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