isengrim May 10, 2013 @ 2:41am
Mod for Item Placement?
My goodness, Bethesda did such an awesome job on houses, I've been having tons of fun building and buying and decorating them, since I dusted my Skyrim disc off a couple of weeks ago (got it for last Christmas, mucked about with it for a few hours, put it aside until I was ready to dive in.)

However, the sad thing is, you can't tab-target a spot where you want to put an item; say, I want to put a nice Dwemer jug on an empty shelf, all I can do is stand sideways, drop it, and hope it doesn't end up rolling around on the floor like my decorative Troll Skull does in my Breezehome bedroom. :/

Is there any mod that allows me to do things right? I do have one called "unlimited bookshelves" which allows me to place things other than books on them, and it works nicely, but I'd like one for decorating shelves and such.
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Roscaria May 13, 2013 @ 2:21am 
According to what I have read in earlier threads you have to drop an item on the floor then leave the house. Re-enter house, put cursor on item to be placed and hold down the E key. This will hold the item and you can drag it up and onto where you want it placed. However, due to Bethesda most items turn bottom up so you have to use edges walls etc. to nudge them upright. Then let them go when they are positioned. If you don't leave the house the stupid things go flying when you next enter or are on the floor.
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