Asmodai 8. Mai 2013 um 8:51 Uhr
Bigger and Badder Lich King help
I've been trying to get the helment(glowing eyes/shawdown mask) and the fury boots. I put in all the codes in the help lich & help frostmourne. I keep googling it and can't find out how. Can someone please help?
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Asmodai 9. Mai 2013 um 5:34 Uhr 
So no one can help???
Momcat 9. Mai 2013 um 5:37 Uhr 
Lich King and Frostmourne. sounds like World of Warcraft not Skyrim
Momcat 9. Mai 2013 um 5:40 Uhr 
I mean, I've downed the Lich King many times in WoW and I've done every quest in the Skyrim and I don't recall him or frostmourne being in Skyrim
markdb92 9. Mai 2013 um 5:46 Uhr 
not to mention frostmourne was shattered by a human paladin.
Momcat 9. Mai 2013 um 10:36 Uhr 
That too. It's been over a year since I even logged onto WoW. And then we were on to the next big raid.
Asmodai 9. Mai 2013 um 11:43 Uhr 
It's a Skyrim Mod I'm talking about I was seeing if anyone could help me with the Lich King Mod in Skyrim. It's exactly the one Holz showed.
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