Asmodai 8 mai 2013 à 8h51
Bigger and Badder Lich King help
I've been trying to get the helment(glowing eyes/shawdown mask) and the fury boots. I put in all the codes in the help lich & help frostmourne. I keep googling it and can't find out how. Can someone please help?
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Asmodai 9 mai 2013 à 5h34 
So no one can help???
Momcat 9 mai 2013 à 5h37 
Lich King and Frostmourne. sounds like World of Warcraft not Skyrim
Momcat 9 mai 2013 à 5h40 
I mean, I've downed the Lich King many times in WoW and I've done every quest in the Skyrim and I don't recall him or frostmourne being in Skyrim
markdb92 9 mai 2013 à 5h46 
not to mention frostmourne was shattered by a human paladin.
Momcat 9 mai 2013 à 10h36 
That too. It's been over a year since I even logged onto WoW. And then we were on to the next big raid.
Asmodai 9 mai 2013 à 11h43 
It's a Skyrim Mod I'm talking about I was seeing if anyone could help me with the Lich King Mod in Skyrim. It's exactly the one Holz showed.
Ol Dirty Camper 9 mai 2013 à 18h53 
seems like you forgot to put a "4"... "Help Lich 4"
always useful read the description of the mods :P

copy&paste from nexus:
Console command via "Help Lich 4" and "Help frostmourne 4" or learn how to smith Dragon Armor, all my items can be found under the Dragon Smithing Tree,(THE MASK AND MAIL HOOD REQUIRE NO CRAFTING MATERIALs to Make, as they are for looks only). If you are using another Lich King mod, such as Jojjo’s, you will find my items have slightly different names, to further differentiate them from Jojjo’s (in case you like to use both and want easy ways to identify the items in the console menu, all my items have an “X” in the front and end, EXAMPLE: “X Lich King’s Helmet X”.

Furthermore, my Frostmourne is just called “X Frostmoure X” or “X Frostmourne (2-handed) X” NOT “Frostmourne Sword” or “Frostmourne Greatsword” those will be from other MODS you may have installed.
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