SERIOUS 2013年5月8日 3時05分
You need help?
Do tou nedd help in skyrim? Missions, bugs, console comands etc... please subscrive
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Colhao Esquerdo 2013年5月8日 6時12分 
hi, yes, i need help, i have a bug about a side quest in the collage of winterhold.
The quest is when some guy wich name i dont know gives you a warped soul gem and you have to heat it in a convector.
I did heated it once in a convector with the spell he provides, but when i try to heat it again in a difrent convector nothing happends, i dont get the little mensage saying that the soul gem has been heated... what can i do?
SERIOUS 2013年5月8日 6時29分 
place the warped soul gem into a convector, type setstage MGRArniel03 20 in the console, then heat the convector and the quest updates.
Colhao Esquerdo 2013年5月8日 7時21分 
ok thank you, i will try
Colhao Esquerdo 2013年5月8日 7時28分 
it did work !! :D thank you mate !!
Colhao Esquerdo 2013年5月8日 7時28分 
you'r awsome X)
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