Falseangel17 7 тра 2013 о 21:15
should i buy the pc version? even if i have it on PS3?
I have the game on console along with some of the dlc too. But im kind of reluctant to buy pc because i know nothing about mods or how they work, but would love to experiment with them. What do you guys think?
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 7 тра 2013 о 21:33 
If you're thinking of buying for PC, wait till the pack comes out and wait for the prices to start settling...shop around.
Phantom Bullet 7 тра 2013 о 21:41 
I had it on ps3 at first then I decided to get it on PC and realised that it is so much better on PC. I sold my skyrim on ps3 quite right away lol
AlexVan 7 тра 2013 о 22:03 
Lol. Wow. No surprise. PC Skyrim is much better.
Lonnie Olafson 8 тра 2013 о 0:44 
I've played it on all platforms and the PC rules one word "modding" adds 10 times more life to the overall game play,with the DLC done mods and patches are all we have left.;(
Master Zone 8 тра 2013 о 2:13 
I also have Skyrim on Xbox360 with all the expansion packs. Once I got it on PC I never looked back.
djleash 8 тра 2013 о 2:19 
Mods, its all about mods. Get pc version the mods are endless.
K1nuS 8 тра 2013 о 2:20 
Modding is now easier than it ever was, and to be honest everyone was a noob at some point. Do not worry, you'll figure it out
Torcwrench 8 тра 2013 о 4:19 
I play Skyrim on both the Playstation and the PC but the mods for the PC version bring a new absorbing dimension to the game. I strongly recommend that you give it a try - the mods are easy to use and there are a great range of clever mods to choose from.
Qoheles 8 тра 2013 о 5:36 
I had the 360 version since release, but got the PC version late last year for $25. I don't even feel like playing the 360 version now.
|Xвпп| Witt 8 тра 2013 о 7:31 
I've never tried it, but I heard the PS3 version is the worst platform for Skyrim. Apparently the console port was designed for XBox 360 or something to that effect.

I just got a chance to look at Skyrim on XBox 360, it looked and ran good; but it looked very vanilla.

Shaders in Skyrim are pretty nasty without SweetFX or ENB Series running. The difference is simply night and day.

PC = Mods, Mods, Mods... Well worth the bucks. But wait for the Legendary (GOTY) Edition. Jun 4th in North America, June 7th Europe.
Falseangel17 8 тра 2013 о 13:57 
Thank you guys! I think ill give it a try!
DragonSamurai360 9 тра 2013 о 20:01 
i also second the pc version but you got to be aware of glitches or problems that would not otherwise be in the ps3 or xbox 360 version
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