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Creation Kit failing to launch.
Whenever I attempt to open Creation Kit, I get a message that says, "Failed to start game : Missing executable". I don't see any files for the Creation Kit in my Skyrim folder, either(And I'm pretty sure it installed.)

Any ideas?
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Creation Kit is under Library then Tools. You need to click on creation kit to install. Takes a while and when loaded should state 'ready to play'.
Just realized that the restore from a few nights back deleted the files for Creation Kit. Just reinstalled, and it works now. Thanks for the help!
I have a lot of trouble with Creation Kit. Sometimes the server is busy for many minutes and will not launch. Sometimes I have to reinstall both Steam and Creation Kit... which is a pain because it is hard to delete the right stuff without deleting the mods I am working on. There are system problems with Win7 as well and I have to reboot my computer every now and then.
Steam > Library > Tools > Creation kit > right click the CK > Properties > Local Files (tab)
Verify Integrity of tools cache

You might want to back up your editor.ini file as it always overwrites it. Your CK prefernces will be back to vanilla.

editor.ini is in steamapps> skyrim folder ... right by your skyrim.exe and all the main dir

Anytime I start to see strange behavior out of the CK such as stuff I've changed not working in test, NPCs doing whacky stuff or even mannequins not working I do this and it always has to download 2 or 3 new files and the problem is gone.

This can be caused by mods. If you are making a mod, it is not recommended to have mods installed that you are not 100% sure doesn't change or alter vanilla scripts, variables, or conditions.
Even if they aren't loaded as a plugin, they can still affect your CK. I learned the hard way.

Your test save will still remember the bad stuff. So be sure to always test your mod with the most vanilla save you have. I test with a fresh lvl 1 character .. just coc to your cell if you can. At least make sure its a save from before you had your mod installed. Preferably before you had ANY other mods installed or you are not really testing it.
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